Need Birthday Party Ideas For Boys? A Pirate Birthday Party Theme May Be The Answer
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Children love birthdays especially because of all the birthday presents that they are expecting. Another reason that they enjoy birthdays is because of the parties that they will be given where all their friends will attend and have fun. If you have a young man that will be celebrating a birthday and you need fun birthday party ideas for boys, a pirate birthday party theme may be the answer you need.

Pirates have long fascinated children especially boys. All you have to do is look at the well known and very successful pirate movie franchise as well as the popular theme park to know that children will get a kick out of celebrating a birthday party which implements a pirate party theme making this one of the best birthday party ideas.

In order to successfully pull off a pirate birthday party theme, you need flexibility, patience, good organizational skills, able to handle various contingencies, etc, during the planning stage as well as when the party starts until the end.

When you come up with a guest list, the invitations will set the stage for the pirate birthday party theme. The actual invitation should have a pirate theme, such as a pirate’s map or other pirate related design and/or pirate’s rhyme. Give the day and time as well as the dress code which should be pirate themed. Allow the guest enough time so that they are able to comply with the dress code. The dressing up part will be one of the most fun parts of the party for the children.

Decorating for the party will also be one of the most fun parts of the occasion and you can get your children to help which they will enjoy. Make the venue look like a pirate’s ship. You can hold the party indoors or in a backyard or other party location. If you have resources, you may be able to hire an event planner to help you with various aspects of the party. An outdoor party is probably the best place for a pirate birthday party theme because this will allow you to bury treasure in various places.

There are various birthday party games for this pirate theme that you can have at the party. One of the most popular party game involves handing out clues and treasure map to the buried treasure. There are various resources that can help you with designing this party game to ensure that the participants have the best time and are very involved in this game.

For younger children, a party game that you can have for them could include a game of pin the peg, walking the plank if you have a pool and proper supervision, etc.

Food is very important and you may want to think of having finger food such as various light sandwiches, cookies and fruit punch besides the all important birthday cake. A properly planned pirate birthday party theme will ensure that the party is a success and you will be a hit in the neighborhood.

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