Planning Your Kid’s Birthday Party
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There are few days of the year more important than your child’s birthday. A kids’ birthday party should honor your child, acknowledge their accomplishments, and praise them for the milestones they’ve achieved. Planning your kid’s birthday party can be a challenge however, no matter their age.

Children are developing their own personalities, so their likes and dislikes can change dramatically in just a short period of time. On several occasions, I’ve heard stories from party-planning parents who began planning their kids birthday party a couple months in advance, only to have their child lose interest in the theme completely before their big day arrived. There are a few ways you can try to avoid this.

  • Plan the date and time of your kids birthday party first, worry about the theme and party supplies when the date gets nearer. If you buy invitations and send them out in advance with a request that your guests RSVP about 3 weeks before the party, you can delay buying theme party supplies for your kids birthday party until you know who is coming. As a result, your child has less time to change their mind about the theme!
  • From the time you order your supplies until the day of your kid’s birthday party, you can help keep your child interested in the theme with some special activities. If you plan a Princess-themed party for a little girl, you can mail her a birthday card and sign the name of her favorite princess. You can take your little boy on a real train ride to keep him excited about a Thomas the Tank Engine theme, or take your child to the zoo if the theme of your kid’s birthday party is jungle animals.
  • Involve your child in the party planning process. Let them choose some of the decorations or the party favors they want to give the guests at their party. You can even get supplies for some neat and unique craft projects for your kid’s birthday. Let them make their own personalized banner or decorate place-mats for the table.

It might seem like you don’t have enough time for creative projects when you have to plan your kid’s birthday party, but buying theme supplies online can be an excellent time and sanity saver. You can find tons of kids birthday party supplies on the internet, like kids birthday party decorations, tableware, kids birthday party favors, and more.

One common mistake that some parents are liable to make while planning a kid’s birthday party is that they omit Thank You cards. You don’t get Thank You cards for the children you invite to your party (that’s what party favors are for!), but generally for their parents. Frankly, parents may have other things in mind for their weekend than going to a kids birthday party full of excited, loud, and rowdy children, so it’s important that you thank them properly for taking the time to bring their kids over to make your kid’s birthday party a success!

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