Ten Reasons Printed Birthday Party Invitations Are Better Than Digital
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Every day, billions of birthdays are celebrated and millions of parties are thrown in their honor. While it has become increasingly common in this busy modern age for birthday party invitations to be extended digitally (through email or e-cites), or with a quick phone call, a printed birthday party invitation is still best. Not only can it be classier and more formal, but a printed invitation is also more convenient for guests, enhances the party theme and can generally be a lot of fun to create and receive. These points, and a few others, add up to ten reasons why printed birthday party invitations are better than digital invitation options.

1. A printed birthday party invitation shows that you care, both about the party and the person you’re throwing the party for. Sure, you could make a few phone calls or send an email. Or you could rely upon word of mouth among friends. However, sending printed invitations, whether you’ve created them yourself, ordered them on line from a retailer such as post cards and invitations.com, or purchased them at a local store, is a simple way to demonstrate the importance you place on this special celebration in honor of a friend or loved one.

2. A printed invitation is a classier and more formal way to invite guests to a birthday party. If you’re throwing a party for a bunch of 6-year-olds, they may have little concern for class or formality. However, if you’re throwing a formal birthday bash for your mother-in-law or your boss, printed birthday party invitations are essential. If you do not personally know everyone on the guest list, a phone call or email is out of the question. Armed with a list of names and addresses, however, you can mail out classy, elegant invitations suitable to a formal birthday occasion.

3. A printed invitation is more convenient for party guests than a phone call. Because it includes all the pertinent details for the party (such as when and where the gathering will be held), they can refer back to it at any time. You can also include fun facts about the birthday party honoree, RSVP information, gift suggestions, directions to the party, or anything else guests may find useful.

4. Printed birthday party invitations can enhance the party theme. Are you throwing a Hawaiian birthday bash? Choose invitations depicting a beach or luau. Hosting a party for a stargazer? Choose invitations featuring outer space, aliens or rocket ships. Throwing a sport theme birthday party? Create invitations in the shape of a football, a basketball or using their favorite team’s colors. Is your birthday party honoree an animal lover? Create a fun custom birthday party invitation using a photo of their dog or cat.

5. You can be as creative as you want when designing printed birthday invitations. If you’re an artist or avid scrap booker, you will find handcrafting personalized birthday invitations to be a blast. Just visit your local arts and crafts store for all the supplies you’ll need. If you’d rather not get your hands dirty or make a mess on your dining room table, you can design creative custom birthday invitations at an on line retailer. Some offer templates to get you started or even allow you to upload your own artwork.

6. A printed invitation is personal. E-cites or mass emails can feel impersonal to the guest receiving them. They can also get caught up in SPAM filters and never even reach the intended recipient. However, everyone experiences a little jolt of excitement when they receive an invitation in the postal mail with their name on the envelope. You can make the birthday party invitation even more personal for the guest if you include a handwritten note just for them such as, “Hope you can make it!” or “Can’t wait to see you!”

7. Printed invitations can become cherished keepsakes. Some birthdays are bigger than others, and people tend to want to remember them in special ways. If you send a birthday party invitation for your son’s fifth birthday, your grandmother’s 100th birthday or your cousin’s 21st birthday, it is very possible that friends and family will keep that invitation in their photo album or scrapbook as a remembrance of the momentous occasion. Photo birthday party invitations are especially fabulous for big birthday occasions. Just include a fun (or funny) photo of the birthday honoree on the front and it’s guaranteed to be a hit.

8. Printed birthday party invitations can be inexpensive. If you choose a postcard invitation option, you’ll save on both printing costs and postage without sacrificing the “wow factor” of sending a printed invitation.

9. Printed invitations can also save you time, if you order from an on line retailer such as post cards and invitations.com. Their easy to use customization software allows you to personalize a design from their library of birthday party invitation templates in minutes. You can add photos and custom text, change colors and fonts, and move design elements around to create the perfect invitation in less time than it would take you to call a dozen guests or drive to the mall to buy invitations. You can save even more time when you upload your guest list and allow them to address, stamp and mail the invitations for you as well.

10. Printed invitations are versatile. They are not just for birthday parties. You should consider printed invitations for any special occasion with a guest list including anniversaries, engagement parties, bridal showers, baby showers, retirement parties, holiday parties and graduations.

So the next time you are throwing a birthday party, whether for your spouse, your child, an extended family member, friend or associate, take the time to send printed birthday party invitations. The extra effort will show you care and provide your guests with a keepsake containing pertinent party details. Have fun with it as well. With printed invitations you can be creative, be personal and save time and money in the process.


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