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    GREAT GIFT and CREATIVE PLAY As parents, we want our kids to spend as much time playing creatively, and less time watching TV, right?! What could be more fun than pretending you’re Batgirl, Supergirl. Wonder Woman or Spidergirl? Your sweet child can be the princess of the Amazons, pretend to fly, or demonstrate super-strength, as they save the day like never before with their very own premium Superhero Costumes Gift Set. Great for girls ages 3 to 10 years old
    GREAT PRETEND PLAY COSTUMES TO ENJOY ALL THE YEAR… If your kids are like most children, they probably love playing dress up – daily. With our popular superhero Halloween costumes for girls, your kids can enjoy wearing their glow in the dark capes and masks while they go trick-or-treating, or just playing heroes with friends. They can enjoy the magic of playing superheroes all year long
    ENCOURAGES IMAGINATION AND CREATIVITY- One of the greatest parts of childhood is being able to play dress-up toys and costumes. The power of budding imaginations is truly magical. With our premium quality superhero cape and mask set, you can encourage more hours of screen-free fun! It can be worn over pajamas or regular shirts and clothing. Imagination is like building a muscle, the more you use it, the bigger it gets